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Currently we are accepting manuscript proposals for new books.

All manuscripts must meet a stringent set of criteria to be considered for publication.

Content requirements:

  • Must be work which directly preferences the voices of the Majority World
  • Must be work which seeks to decolonize and advocate for global justice
  • Must include the most current research and demonstrate up-to-date critical and field understandings
  • Post-docs should not send their dissertation manuscripts. Submissions should be in a polished format and written to standards of one’s given field and intended audience.

Formatting requirements:

  • Must include all information requested in form below or submit using (.doc) or (.pdf)
  • Full manuscripts must be submitted with consistent styling as outlined here
  • Full manuscripts are not required but are encouraged
  • All submitted work is considered confidential

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II. Outline

III. Bibliography

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IV. Writing Samples

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V. Peer Reviewers

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VI. Conclusion

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