Our Origins

Our Origins

Borderless Press is project of Postcolonial Networks, also founded by Dr. Joseph F. Duggan.

Dr. Duggan is the founder of Postcolonial Networks and founding editor of Palgrave Macmillan’s series, Postcolonialism and Religions. Duggan is a knowledge activist, published scholar, teacher, and consultant.

In early childhood, Dr. Duggan suffered from a severe speech impediment that would have otherwise hindered the autonomy of his voice, had it not been the compassionate innovation of his speech therapist. Through her perseverance, she instilled in him a lifelong passion to advocate for the voiceless. Borderless Press was born out of this same passion to help others be heard through the noise of difficulty and inequality. This has evolved into a preference for hearing the voices of the Majority World.

Many of the Postcolonial Networks members assist with Borderless Press, and some of the members of the network are being published by Borderless Press as their work aligns with the Press mission. The vision to revolutionize publishing is truly a community effort by scholars and knowledge activists around the globe.

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