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Meet Our Authors and Editors

R.S. Wafula, Esther Mombo, and Joseph Wandera Editors

_____R.S. Wafula is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, USA. He is the author of Biblical Representations of Moab: A Kenyan Postcolonial Reading (2014). Wafula obtained his PhD in Hebrew Bible at Drew University. _____Esther Mombo is the former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) of St. Paul’s United Theological College in Limuru, Kenya, where she teaches church history and theologies from women’s perspectives. Mombo is also a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians. She co-edited Disability, Society and Theology: Voices from Africa (2012). Mombo earned her Ph.D. at Edinburgh University. _____Joseph Wandera is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of theology, St Paul's University, Kenya. Wandera is a co-founder of the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh (CCMRE). He completed his PhD at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Agnes M. Brazal & Emmanuel S. de Guzman Authors

_____Agnes M. Brazal is a Filipina lay theologian, organizer, and “bridge-builder.” Currently director of the Office for Research and Publications and coordinator of the Graduate program (PhD/MA) at the St. Vincent School of Theology, Philippines, she was also past President and founding member of the DaKaTeo (Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines) and one of the first coordinators and “mothers” of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia. _____Emmanuel S. De Guzman, Ph.D., is a fulltime professor of Systematic Theology at St. Vincent School of Theology (SVST) – Adamson University, in Quezon City, Philippines, where he is also the Director for Theological and Pastoral Services.

Nicolás Panotto Editor

Nicolás Panotto, Argentinean theologian from the IU ISEDET (Buenos Aires). Master in Social and Political Anthropology and PhD candidate in Social Sciences (FLACSO Argentina) Scholar of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET – Argentina) Director of the Multidisciplinary Study Group on Religion and Social Advocacy (GEMRIP) Member of the continental directive board of the Latin American Theological Fellowship. Author of Nomadic Paths: encounters, experiences, faith and theology (Concordia, Chile, 2012 – Spanish), Towards a Theology of the Political Subject (UNA, San José, 2012 – Spanish) and Theology and The Public (GEMRIP, Buenos Aires, 2015). Grupo Gemrip, of which Nicolas is founder, has a strategic partnership with Postcolonial Networks. Nicolas is a board member of Postcolonial Networks.

C.I. David Joy

C.I. David Joy Author

The Rev. Dr. C.I. David Joy is a presbyter of the Church of South India, South Kerala Diocese, currently he is Professor, teaching New Testament, at the United Theological College, Bangalore. He is also an editor for the International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology. He is also one of the editorial board members of SOMA a Journal published by St.John’s University of Tanzania. His recent books include: Christology: Re-visited: Profiles and Prospects (Bangalore: ATC, 2007), Mark and its Subalterns: A Hermeneutical Paradigm for a Postcolonial Context (London: Equinox, 2008) and Not by the Might but by the Spirit (Delhi: ISPCK, 2008).