Borderless Press is a project of Postcolonial Networks. Borderless Press is a publisher of fully peer-reviewed academic works written by scholars in the Majority World*. 

* “Majority World” is a term coined by Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam to refer to the majority of the world’s population that does not reside within the Group of 8 countries “whose decisions affect majority of the world’s peoples.” Read more >

Borderless Press logoTypically, academic authors from Majority World locations undergo injustices by the academic publishing industry. If these authors gain the attention of a big US or European publisher, they have little say over their work, sometimes pay high publishing fees despite their economic context. Books are often priced one hundred times over the economic reach of their local network, making their work inaccessible to their primary audiences including their students.

The three current alternatives to this system are 1) local publishers, who do not have follow double blind peer review processes, and 2) self-publishing, which also does not follow the blind peer-review process required for academic accountability, and 3) North American or European publishers, who will publish the book out of the reach of local reader networks.